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Take Our Quiz & See How Easy it is to Have a Safe Commute. Selected entries will receive a free CCCTMA Commuters' Safety & Travel Information Packet.

It's FREE! It's FUN! It's...well, really, really SAFE!

When cycling, one should always use this type of gear:
Suit of armor Helmet A fez The good, old thinking cap

You should always do this before entering a roadway:
Begin to yodel. Loudly Look for your favorite sportscar
Look both ways Smile

You should always wear this while riding in a car:
Seatbelt Driving goggles Driving gloves Your lucky hat

At a rail crossing, the safe thing to do is:
Yell "chugga-chugga-choo-choo!" Resume texting/phoning
Wait for the cross bars to lift
Yell "chugga-chugga-choo-choo" again, for good measure

One should always wear this type of clothing when cycling:
Designer Overalls Wrinkle-free Brightly-colored

When you get off a NJ TRANSIT bus, never:
Mock the other passengers who aren't at their stops yet
Walk in front of the bus Drive your car again. Ever :)
Critique the driver's haircut

When waiting for a NJ TRANSIT bus, always stand:
Straight; it's good for your posture Atleast 2-3 feet from the curb
With your back to the street First in line

When walking to work, it's a good idea to:
Take your time; the boss is okay with that Bring a water bottle
Take in some sight-seeing Read at the same time

One should always use this when crossing a street:
The painted crosswalk path A GPS A Segway A skateboard


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