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Riki Rideshare reporting to you from Cross County Connection's headquarters with some exciting news. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't say to me, "Riki, you are the Rideshare Guru. You should take this knowledge to the world wide web." Well, folks, the powers that be have finally heard your requests and I'm now appearing on the CCCTMA website! I'm hard at work on the column for the latest Easy Rider Newsletter, so if you have any questions you want answered (What is ridesharing? How can I join the Caring Commuter Program? What is with the Twilight phenomenon?) drop me an email.


Have a question for Riki? Drop her a line via email or call (856) 596-8228 and ask for Riki's mailbox.

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When I was first faced with the task of creating a frequently asked questions section for this webpage, I must admit to reveling in delusions of grandeur. These thoughts only lasted a second or two, but it was long enough to imagine a world filled with Riki Rules! tee-shirts and boundless fansites in my honor. Then I remembered the reason I was here: to keep you up-to-date on all the important transportation information available out there. That said, below is a list of questions that I'm most often asked and those that I think deserve reiteration.

About Riki

1. Who is Riki Rideshare? It's the question on everyone's lips. Costume malfunctions are a thing of the past and word on the street is all about the mysterious Riki Rideshare. (I warned all of you about those delusions of grandeur!). Riki Rideshare is everyone's favorite source for information on ridesharing and all those other sometimes-complicated, sometimes-unknown transportation options available to fellow South Jerseyans.
~ Riki

2. Will my question be answered?

I'll try to answer all transportation-related questions that arise in a prompt fashion. If your question is chosen to be featured in my column in the Easy Rider Newsletter, you'll be sent a small thank-you gift, so start sending those questions in!
~ Riki

3. How can I contact Riki Rideshare?

There are three ways to track me down at any given moment.

Carpooling / Vanpooling

Why should I carpool if I have my own car?

With costs of gas so high, carpooling is a great way to reduce your automotive costs. Not to mention, three passengers in your car means three less vehicles congesting the roads and causing you delay. Think of all the time and money you'll save while fighting pollution!

How can I get a vanpool started?

Forming a vanpool is highly beneficial if you are traveling from a distance of fifteen miles or more each way and have enough people to share the cost. It's a fairly simple process which can be made even simpler by using Cross County Connection's free services. First step - check with your employer to see if a vanpool is already established. If not, contact our office and a member of our staff will help you: find additional people traveling to the same destination or along the same route, where to obtain the vehicle, and apply for the NJ Vanpool Sponsorship Program which provides $ 150 per month to those vanpools approved by NJ Transit. By establishing a vanpool today, you not only lessen the high costs of your insurance and gas, but also reduce your stress levels. Contact our office and you're on the way to a healthier lifestyle without even hitting the gym.

Caring Commuter Rewards Program

1. Caring Commuter--what's in it for me? You'll be happy to know that the Caring Commuter Program is all about you. It's a program comprised of discounts to restaurants, amusement centers, and you-name-it offered to its members for choosing alternative modes of transportation at least once a week. Who knew cutting down on congestion could also cut down on your monthly budget? Any shrewd shopper should take advantage of this deal by contacting our office.
~ Riki

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