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We’ll help your employees find the right commute method for them, improving their morale,
increasing their productivity, and adding to your opportunities to recruit from
a new or larger geographic area.

Here are some of the ways we connect you with employee transportation solutions:
- Surveys of employees to identify commuting patterns, and recommendations of possible solutions
- Bringing carpool, vanpool, bus, train or county shuttle information to your employees with an on-site Commute Assistance Day
- Promoting commute options to your employees with customized newsletters, posters and other marketing materials
- Building telecommuting or flex-time programs
- Identifying transportation-related tax incentives to benefit you and your employees
- Creating financial incentive programs to encourage employees to participate
- Developing low or no-cost employee benefits transportation programs
- Assisting Human Resources staff in finding solutions to individual or group transportation challenges
- Emergency traffic alerts
- Legislative alerts and updates
Providing transportation assistance to employees helps reduce absenteeism and lateness, and improves morale with easier and
less stressful commutes, reducing your replacement hiring and training costs by increasing employee retention, and increasing
your ability to recruit qualified workers who use mass transit or other ridesharing arrangements.

Bring helpful commute information to your worksite with a Commute Assistance Day. This free service helps employers
provide employees with information on transit, carpooling,
vanpooling, shuttles, and walking or biking to work. CCCTMA staff schedule a day to set up a table at your worksite with
up-to-date information about commute options in your area and to answer specific questions employees have regarding their daily commute.

Telecommuting reduces time consuming, costly home-to-work trips by enabling employees to work away from their primary work location.
Employees may work out of their homes or from satellite "telework" locations near their homes.

Here are a few things to consider before a telecommuting program is started:
- Is the position suitable for telecommuting?
- Are there regular job functions that can be performed away from the office?
- What are the costs for both the employer and employee?

Click Here for the Telecommuting Information Booklet

Alternate work schedules shift the timing of employee commute trips or enable employees to work the
same number of hours per week in fewer days.

Compressed Work Week
The 9/80 allows employees to work 80 hours over 2 weeks consisting of eight 9-hour days, one 8-hour day and one day off
A 4/40 allows employees to work a 40-hour week of four 10-hour days and one day off per week
A 3/36 allows employees to work a 36-hour week of three 12-hour days and two days off per week

Allows employees greater flexibility in their daily start and end times to accommodate commuting schedules or personal commitments
Example: If regular office hours are 9AM to 5PM, employees can flex their hours to 8AM to 4PM, creating a new regular work schedule.


New Jersey Smart Workplaces
Have you ever thought about how your company can become a "greener" place and offer incentives to your hard working employees?

If so, the New Jersey Smart Workplaces program is right for you. The New Jersey Smart Workplaces (NJSW) program
was created by the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJ DOT) to help enhance your employee's participation
in creating a "greener" environment.

The purpose of the program is to honor companies for their outstanding achievements in implementing programs
that provide and promote commuting alternatives for their employees, thus reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality.

If you already provide commuting and/or ridesharing incentives for your employees and would like to all out an application to receive
this prestigious recognition, or if you are interested in learning more about participating in this great program, please don't hesitate to
contact us at 856- 596-8228.

By becoming a New Jersey Smart Workplace you will not only get your company recognition from the state, but it is a great way to attract prospective employees..

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