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The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) has partnered with Cross County Connection TMA, to administer a new statewide bicycle and pedestrian education and encouragement program. Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a statewide initiative supported by NJDOT with funding from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, to create safer and more accessible environments for students (K-8) to walk and bicycle to and from school.
At NO COST, Cross County Connection TMA will assist schools and municipalities in implementing and coordinating non-infrastructure activities, including: walking school buses, bicycle rodeos, youth bicycle and pedestrian education workshops, walk and bike to school events, and the development of school travel plans.
Safety for your kids on their way to school


The goal of New Jersey's Safe Routes to School Program  is to assist New Jersey communities in developing and implementing projects and programs that encourage walking and bicycling to school while enhancing the safety of these trips.

Check out the amazing response to The FIRST ANNUAL National Bike to School Day at Tatem Elementary

Participating in SRTS can:  
- Improve the health of our children and community
- Provide children with a sense of independence and encourage physical activity
- Bring families, neighbors, school officials & community leaders together to facilitate student travel safety
Teach proper pedestrian and bike safety skills

SRTS Infastructure Program

NJDOT offers local governments and schools a grant program for the implementation of pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure projects near schools. This is a highly competitive program and communities who apply for the grant will strengthen their application by participating in non-infrastructure SRTS activities, such as walk and bike events and wellness programs.

Cross County Connection's educational program teaches third grade students about the relationship between traffic congestion and air pollution,
highlighting possible solutions. Topics discussed include visible and invisible air pollution, the ozone layer, traffic congestion and alternate
means of travel as solutions to traffic congestion.

Program Summary
 Presentation by Cross County Connection staff using visual aids
 Experiments conducted by the students
 Pollution Feud game reinforces learning by reviewing information in the presentation
 Activity book for each child to take home
 Post class activity: Students design "Rideshare Billboards" that are bound by Cross County
 Connection and returned to the class as a reminder of their lesson

This program is designed to comply with New Jersey State Core Content Curriculum standards for the science program and is a free service brought to the school—no buses or permission slips needed! Response to this program has been excellent, and the interest in bringing the program to the individual
classrooms is overwhelming. By educating children about the problems caused by traffic congestion and air pollution, they will grow up to be a part of the solution and help lead the way to a healthier environment.

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Our Pollution Solutions Educational Program teaches the importance of reducing air pollution and traffic congestion to over
you 1,800 students a year!

If your community would like to participate in the SRTS program or obtain more information, please call 856-596-8228 or contact:

David Calderetti, Safe Routes to School Coordinator at


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