CCCTMA assists you in the effort to reduce traffic congestion and increase the economic
viability of the region.

Here are some of the ways we can help:
- Professional transportation planning guidance for review or development of circulation elements in a master plan
- Support in planning safe and accessible options for bicyclists and walkers
- Emergency Traffic Alerts
- Introductions to local transportation network, and advocacy with mass transit and van pool providers
- Identify sources of funds and help prepare your grant applications
- Establish and regularly re-stock transit schedules and commuter information at your public locations for residents
- Assist in the planning, funding, implementing and marketing of community shuttle programs
- Assist social service providers with transportation needs for clients
- Review of planning documents
- Analysis of the transportation network—in and out of town— to assist in creating more transit-friendly development
- Custom GIS mapping to illustrate options
- Creation of Task Forces to keep officials up to date on issues and to provide a voice in transit
- Provide technical publications to assist with planning and development
- Carpool or vanpool matching services
- Bus, train and shuttle schedules and route information
- How to bike or walk safely to work or safetly commute to run errands
- Telecommuting or flex-scheduling in your workplace
- Up-to-the-minute traffic information and road construction updates
- Create newsletters to provide information on area road construction projects, commuter tips, and CCCTMA's work in the region


Take full advantage of your Cross County Connection membership, we offer you expert mapping services! Our professional staff, trained in Geographic Information Systems technology, can provide maps for bicycle and pedestrian paths, grant submittals, maps for circulation elements in municipal master plans, land use maps and more. If you need mapping services, call us. We'll be happy to discuss your needs and find a solution for you.

Cross County Connection members benefit from our expertise in GIS mapping, transportation assesment & other advanced services.








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