Being a Caring Commuter Makes Cent$
We reward commuters who use one (or more) commute options at least once a week. Are you a Caring Commuter?

You ARE if you: Carpool, Vanpool, use Public Transit, Walk or Bike to work at least once a week. These viable commute options reduce the number of cars on the roads. Fewer cars result in decreased traffic congestion and lower levels of dangerous pollutants released into the air we breathe. As a Caring Commuter, you do your part in helping to reduce all of these problems that affect southern New Jersey communities. Join our FREE program to receive discounts at local, participating merchants including: many restaurants, automotive services, salons, dry cleaners, and more! Becoming a Caring Commuter is easy, and it's absolutely free!

How do I become a Caring Commuter?
Becoming a Caring Commuter is easy and absolutely free! Simply complete and return the online application. In doing so, you are acknowledging that you are using one of the commute alternatives at least once a week. Once your application is processed, you will receive a Caring Commuter packet (including a free gift) with your Rewards Card and a list of participating merchants.
Click the Sign-Up button above for the online application!

Caring Commuter Rewards

Discounts: Your Caring Commuter discount card entitles you to discounts at local participating merchants. We add new merchants regularly, so check back for additional merchants and offers. Discounts: You will receive a Caring Commuter Rewards Card entitling you to discounts at local participating merchants, including: restaurants, automotive services, beauty salons, dry cleaners, and many more! The number of merchants is ever-growing.

Easy Rider Newsletter— Our free quarterly newsletters feature new merchant discounts, program updates, as well as interesting commuting tips.

Savings! Savings! Savings!
By becoming a Caring Commuter, you reduce the use of your personal vehicle — experiencing significant savings on gasoline, decreasing wear and tear on your car, possibly even saving money on car insurance.


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