Benefits of Walking
The average person can walk about a quarter mile in five minutes.If you live within a mile or less of your work, bus or train stop, give walking a try, even just one or two days a week. Like bicycling, walking allows you to combine daily exercise with your commute.

America Walks offers new report on the benefits of walking
America Walks has produced a new report further detailing the benefits of walking. “A Walking Revolution: A Movement Making Americans Happier and Healthier” highlights the value of walking and walkability as it relates to health, business, community, schools, and the environment.
The report can be downloaded at

UN releases pedestrian safety manual
The United Nations Road Safety Collaboration has released its global manual for addressing pedestrian safety concerns. “Pedestrian Safety: A Road Safety Manual for Decision-Makers and Practitioners” is designed to help engineers, planners, law enforcement officers, public health professionals, educators and others implement pedestrian safety measures around the world.
You can download the manual at:



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