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Benefits of Biking - It’s the healthy, no-pollute-commute.
Bicycling is a low-cost and healthy way to go shopping, commute to work, connect to a bus or train and reach many other daily destinations. Consider riding a bike instead of getting in your car, especially for short trips. You will not only help your health and the environment, you will probably enjoy the ride.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation supports the use of the bicycle as a means of personal transportation and recreation.

RideScore: DVRPC's new online transit tool just launched!
DVRPC is pleased to announce the launch of Greater Philadelphia's new online RideScore tool that will allow transit agencies, trail advocacy groups, and municipalities to analyze stations for bicycle facility investments by measuring the strength and potential of a given station's bicycle and transit context.

Bike Maps

CCCTMA Interactive Map
Cross County Connection offers an Interactive Map showing bike paths, bike lanes, bikeway tours, panorama views of bike routes and a variety of other transportation options in South Jersey. Users can zoom in, turn separate ‘layers’ on and off and see where they can connect with transit on their ride.

Regional Bicycle Map
Download Trail List, Map & Links

Evesham Bicycle Map
Download Brochure

Voorhees Bicycle Map
Download Brochure

NJDOT Bicycle Tours
The New Jersey Department of Transportation publishes twenty bike tour guides, seven of which are located in South Jersey.

Greater Philadelphia Regional Bike Map
The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has produced interactive and print maps of bike lanes, trails and other information about bicycling in the Greater Philadelphia Area – including parts of Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and Mercer Counties. CCCTMA assumes no liability for its contents.
Print:  http://www.bicyclecoalition.org/resources/maps
Interactive:  http://phillymap.com/interactive-map/

This web resource provides a fairly comprehensive map of roads and bike paths for cyclists in New Jersey. CCCTMA assumes no liability for its contents.

Technical Bicycle Publications

Cross County Connection annually conducts an inventory of existing and proposed bikeways in its seven county southern New Jersey service area. This inventory is conducted at the municipal level and is continuously updated. The purpose of the inventories is to ultimately create a region-wide network of bikeways. The inventory reports include an analysis of the bikeways' attributes and a ranking and prioritization analysis. It is hoped that municipalities and counties can use this information when seeking grant funding to construct bikeways. To view or download a bikeway report by county, click on the links below. For more information on bikeways in southern New Jersey, contact Cross County Connection's Land Use and Transportation Specialist at 856-596-8228.

Burlington County Publication / Camden County Publication / Cape May County / Gloucester County / Atlantic County / Salem County / Cumberland County

Biking Resources

CCCTMA Brochures
Cross County Connection has produced a variety of informational materials to inform South Jersey cyclists and promote bike commuting in the region.
Check out our resouceful bicycle publications below:

UPADATE: NJ Transit Designates Selected 'Bike-Friendly' Trains On Weekends
NJ TRANSIT has announced a revised Bike Aboard program for NJ TRANSIT trains. Program revisions include designation of “bike-friendly” trains on all weekend Atlantic City Rail Line trains; modified hours for bike access on trains travelling in or out of Hoboken, Newark and New York; and the establishment of an agency “Bicycle Advocate” to represent cyclist concerns internally and review public comment received through the njtransit.com/ website.

New Jersey Bicycling Manual (NJDOT)

The New Jersey Bicycle and Pedestrian Resource Center

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (USDOT)

Tips, bike reviews and safety information for bike commuters

Smart Cycling Quick Guide

Biking Organizations

NJ Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Council

New Jersey Bike & Walk Coalition

Listing of Bicycle Clubs in New Jersey

Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

League of American Bicyclists

Bikes Belong

Alliance for Biking & Walking







Biking at Night?
Be Safe! Be Seen!

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