There are many simple, effective ways that businesses and organizations can help the Air Quality Partnership keep New Jersey's air clean. Following are a few examples of popular ozone and particulate reducing activities:

Raising Awareness

  • Distribute Air Quality Partnership information to employees, customers or clients, making them more aware of the air quality problem.
  • Post announcements of Ozone Action Days or Health Watches prominently. Encourage people to follow the tips for reducing air pollution.
  • Make Air Quality Action Days, usually when the weather is hot, casual dress days as an incentive for employees to participate.
  • Sponsor Brown Bag Lunch Programs on Air Quality Action Days to encourage employees to eat in.
  • Include articles about the Air Quality Partnership in employee newsletters or with paychecks.
  • Sponsor public information materials and announcements to help get the word out.

Examining Transportation Options

  • Encourage employees to take the bus, carpool, bike or walk to work on Air Quality Action Days.
  • Schedule business travel early in the morning and carpool, or eliminate traveling entirely by using conference calls instead.
  • Offer employees the option of telecommuting or flex time hours to reduce traffic congestion on Air Quality Action Days.
  • Refuel fleet vehicles in the early morning or after 6:00 p.m.

Addressing Facility Issues

  • Postpone mowing corporate lawns on Air Quality Action Days.
  • Minimize bulk loading and unloading of fuel, solvents and volatile chemicals.
  • Use only water-based paints, cleaners and solvents.
  • Reschedule or reduce plant operations that significantly contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone.
  • Conserve energy by setting back the air conditioner a few degrees, turning out lights and turning off copiers, computers and printers when not in use.

The Air Quality Partnership is comprised of hundreds of corporations, governmental agencies and individuals working to reduce ground-level ozone and particle pollution.


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