The Air Quality Partnership is a network of environmentally conscious agencies working to improve air quality in the Delaware Valley.  Air Quality Action Advisories are sent out via e-mail to partner agencies when ground level ozone and/or particle pollution levels are forecasted to be unhealthy.  These advisories are not only a health warning, but a reminder to initiate actions that help reduce further air pollution.

For more information about particle pollution, ground level ozone, their health effects, and ways to help reduce emissions, refer to our online air quality resources.  It all adds up to cleaner air!

Individuals can sign up for Air Quality Action Alerts through the EnviroFlash alert system. 

EnviroFlash registration page:
About EnviroFlash:  EnviroFlash is sponsored by the EPA with support from State and local air quality agencies. EnviroFlash provides air quality information such as forecasts and action day notifications via email for your area.


Keep your employees and clients informed on air quality conditions in the region.  Register to receive Air Quality Action Alerts when unhealthy conditions are expected. 

Does your company take action?  Let us know what your agency is doing to reduce emissions and improve air quality.  Become an Air Quality Partner and get the credit you deserve!

Participation in the Air Quality Partnership and its programs are entirely voluntary and our success depends on everyone sharing the responsibility.  If you would like your organization to be recognized as an Air Quality Partner, registration is fast and free.  You will receive information on the effects of air quality and promotional materials to help spread the word to your employees. 

sign Take Action!
Take action to protect yourself from air quality health risks and help reduce the formation of ground-level ozone and particle pollution on days when it counts the most.
Take Action to reduce polluting activities, especially on Air Quality Action Days




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