Ozone Pass Letter

The OzonePass is a discounted commuter ticket offered by NJ TRANSIT. It provides a simple, discounted means for people to try transit instead of driving on days when high levels of ground-level ozone pollution are predicted.

OzonePass tickets are made available to New Jersey employers, who purchase them for their employees at the beginning of ozone season. Air Quality Actions Days are sent out the day before a forecasted ozone event. When this occurs, OzonePass tickets would be distributed to employees for use on the following day.

OzonePass tickets are only valid during the ozone season, which runs from mid May through mid September. It allows employees to travel to and from work on Air Quality Action Days for only $3.00 round trip, including transfers on NJ TRANSIT busses, trains, and light rail. The Ozone Pass is only available to members of the New Jersey Ozone Action Partnership.

Purchasing OzonePasses
You must be a member of either the Delaware Valley or New Jersey Partnership to qualify for these passes. Fill out an oZone pass Ozone Pass Application that gets mailed directly to NJ Transit. 

Register as an Air Quality Partner
If you're interested in not only qualifying for the Ozone Pass discounts provided by NJ Transit, but want to receive Air Quality Action Advisories, you can register online to become an Air Quality Partner.

The Air Quality Partnership is comprised of hundreds of corporations, governmental agencies and individuals working to reduce ground-level ozone and particle pollution.


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