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March 2015



South Jersey SRTS Program

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Communities can earn Sustainable Jersey certification points by participating in SRTS!

Communities that participate in the Sustainable Jersey certification program will be pleased to learn that developing a Safe Routes to School program is an eligible 10 point action item!

For more information about obtaining Sustainable Jersey points for creating an SRTS program, contact Cross County Connection at (856) 596-8228 or visit


Welcome to Cross County Connection's South Jersey Safe Routes to School Newsletter! These newsletters contain in-depth articles, news items, and examples of Safe Routes to School work in South Jersey. We hope you enjoy!  


Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a national program that encourages children to be more physically active and creates safe, convenient and fun opportunities for children to bicycle and walk to and from their schools. The program also encourages changes in travel behavior, supports increased traffic law enforcement around schools and educates communities about the benefits of active transportation.


If your school district or community is interested in learning more about SRTS, contact Sean Schweitzer, Safe Routes to School Coordinator, at (856) 596-8228 or



Safe Routes to School Spring Kick Off! 


Wondering how to reboot your

Students walking and bicycling to school at a Walk to School Day event in Egg Harbor City  

Safe Routes to School Program after winter? Cross County Connection can help get your school or municipality back on track by scheduling a spring walking event kickoff. April is New Jersey's Walk and Bike to School month, which is the perfect time to book a walking or biking event with Cross County Connection. Another event that is great for spring festivals and weekends is a Bike Rodeo. A Bike Rodeo is a fun and informative activity that teaches students fundamental skills while riding a bike and helps teach proper bike maintenance. So what are you waiting for? Call Cross County Connection TMA today and let us help you get your Safe Routes to School Program back on track in time for spring.



2015 and 2016 Safe Routes to School Infrastructure Grant Requirements


NJDOT is expected to make changes to the application requirements for the Safe Routes to School infrastructure grant. The 2015 solicitation is expected to require Student Travel Tallies with the grant application. Student Travel Tallies are a tool to record the number of students who walk, bike, ride the bus, or are driven to school by parents/guardians for a specific period of time. Student Travel Tallies are conducted over three days (typically Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) twice a year; once at the beginning of the school year and again at the end. Comparing the two sets of data can help show an increase in the number of students walking or biking to school as a result of implementing walking and biking educational activities during the school year. Additionally, the Student Travel Tallies may illustrate whether improvements are needed in a Safe Routes to School program.


In 2016, NJDOT is expected to require  grant applicants to have a School Travel Plan completed prior to applying for the Safe Routes to School Infrastructure grant. A School Travel Plan is a report that identifies where students are currently walking and biking to school, maps the existing infrastructure around a school (crosswalks, sidewalks, etc.) and recommends where new infrastructure should be implemented to make walking and bicycling to school safer. A School Travel Plan also includes recommendations for non-infrastructure improvements such as safety awareness and education campaigns.


Don't wait until the last minute to conduct Student Travel Tallies or create a School Travel Plan. Contact Cross County Connection today to make sure your Student Travel Tallies and Travel Plan will be completed in time for the next round of SRTS Infrastructure grant applications. For more information on the Safe Routes to School Infrastructure grant, please contact Cross County Connection TMA.



New Sustainable Jersey for Schools Grants 


The PSEG Foundation has donated $100,000 to the Sustainable Jersey for Schools initiative to kick off the program. It has donated the money in the form of four $10,000 grants to school districts and thirty $2,000 capacity building grants to aid school green teams.


The $10,000 grants must be used to fund all or part of a project that will earn a school district points towards a Sustainable Jersey for Schools action item. The $10,000 grant can be used by a specific school within a school district for a project, but the applicant must be the school district. The $2,000 grants can be used to cover expenses incurred by a Green Team for action items listed in the Sustainable Jersey for Schools guide.


Eligible applicants must be a school district or school, be registered with the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program, AND have appointed a Green Team that meets the Green Team Action Standard. The deadline to apply for these grants is Sunday, April 26, 2015 at midnight. Applications must be filled out ONLINE; emailed applications will not be accepted. For more details and to fill out an application, visit the Current Funding Opportunity page of the Sustainable Jersey for Schools website.




Sponsored by the New Jersey Department of Transportation with funding from the Federal Highway Administration. The Federal Government and the NJDOT assume no liability for the contents.


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