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August 2014



South Jersey SRTS Program

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Communities can earn Sustainable Jersey certification points by participating in SRTS!

Communities that participate in the Sustainable Jersey certification program will be pleased to learn that developing a Safe Routes to School program is an eligible 10 point action item!

For more information about obtaining Sustainable Jersey points for creating an SRTS program, contact David Calderetti at (856) 596-8228 or visit


Welcome to Cross County Connection's South Jersey Safe Routes to School Newsletter! These newsletters contain in-depth articles, news items, and examples of Safe Routes to School work in South Jersey. We hope you enjoy!  


Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a national program that encourages children to be more physically active and creates safe, convenient and fun opportunities for children to bicycle and walk to and from their schools. The program also encourages changes in travel behavior, supports increased traffic law enforcement around schools and educates communities about the benefits of active transportation.


If your school district or community is interested in learning more about SRTS, contact David Calderetti, SRTS Coordinator for Cross County Connection, at (856) 596-8228 or



SRTS: Getting Started


A new school year means new opportunities. Follow these simple steps to get your school involved in the Safe Routes to School Program.


Step 1: Contact Cross County Connection to schedule a meeting or discuss Safe Routes to School by phone.


Step 2: Book our 1st - 3rd Grade Pedestrian Education Program for September. This 25 minute interactive lesson will teach students how to understand traffic flow, cross roadways safely and identify the health benefits of walking and bicycling.


Step 3: Schedule a Walk to School Day event for October as a reinforcement activity. October is Walk to School Month, so why not join schools across the country as they celebrate active living.   






Cross County Connection is truly a wonderful advocate for Safe Routes to School. The organization's presentation captivated the group and did an outstanding job of explaining the SRTS initiative. Furthermore, it was made abundantly clear how Cross County Connection would be there to guide Margate City every step of the way until our Safe Routes to School program would be sustainable on its own. From press releases, to flyers, to conducting safety programs and travel studies, the support offered by Cross County Connection seems almost too good to be true. Our entire Green Team, as well as the city and school district, feel so fortunate to be partnering with Cross County Connection on such a worthwhile program. We couldn't be more excited to get Safe Routes to School underway in Margate City. 



Monica Coffey, Chair, Sustainable Margate Green Team



Sustainable Jersey for Schools


In New Jersey, many Safe Routes to School programs are championed by community Green Teams via the Sustainable Jersey initiative. Sustainable Jersey is a certification program for municipalities in New Jersey that want to go green by taking the appropriate steps to sustain their quality of life over the long term. Launched in 2009, Sustainable Jersey provides tools, training and financial incentives to support and reward communities as they pursue sustainability programs.


Due to the popularity of Sustainable Jersey, a similar program has been designed for schools. Sustainable Jersey for Schools will be launched in October of 2014. The initiative will be a voluntary certification program for New Jersey public schools. To become certified, schools will be required to complete and submit a balanced package of sustainability actions. The program has been designed to:

  • Result in healthier school children
  • Reduce operating costs and free up money for the classroom
  • Contribute to student success

As an action item to obtain certification for both programs, Safe Routes to School has been gaining popularity. It is never too early to start developing your own Safe Routes to School program, especially as the school year approaches. By doing so, not only will the students and school district win, but so will your municipality.




Out & About


On July 24, 2014, Cross County Connection joined forces with the Camden County Office of Emergency Management for their annual helmet giveaway at Campbell's Field. In attendance were members from NJ TRANSIT, the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety, Safe Kids, and the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey. We would like to thank everyone who came out to get fitted for a helmet and receive information on how to safely walk or bike to and from school.  




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