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July 2015



South Jersey SRTS Program

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Communities can earn Sustainable Jersey certification points by participating in SRTS!

Communities that participate in the Sustainable Jersey certification program will be pleased to learn that developing a Safe Routes to School program is an eligible 10 point action item!

For more information about obtaining Sustainable Jersey points for creating an SRTS program, contact Cross County Connection at (856) 596-8228 or visit


Welcome to Cross County Connection's South Jersey Safe Routes to School Newsletter! These newsletters contain in-depth articles, news items, and examples of Safe Routes to School work in South Jersey. We hope you enjoy!  


Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a national program that encourages children to be more physically active and creates safe, convenient and fun opportunities for children to bicycle and walk to and from their schools. The program also encourages changes in travel behavior, supports increased traffic law enforcement around schools and educates communities about the benefits of active transportation.


If your school district or community is interested in learning more about SRTS, contact Sean Schweitzer, Safe Routes to School Coordinator, at (856) 596-8228 or




Starting Your School Year With SRTS: What You Can Do Now 

Now that all Safe Routes to School activities are on hold until the beginning of the next school year, it is the perfect time to get ahead of the game and prepare for September. Whether you want to plan kick-off events or strategies to build on your existing program, don't wait until school is in session to start!

Keep busy this summer by planning for student travel tallies and parent surveys. Student Tallies are used to count the number of students arriving to and departing from school by mode of transportation, such as walking, bicycling, bus, car etc. These tallies should be administered at least twice during the school year; the initial counts should be taken between the second and fourth weeks of the year. The Parent Survey is a questionnaire intended to collect information from parents of students. The survey gathers information about the students' travel patterns, existing barriers to walking/bicycling, and the parents' attitudes about walking and biking to school. Preparing these tallies and surveys for September can help capture travel behavior before you begin your SRTS program. You can also take this time to create a strategy for analyzing this data once it is collected. Click here to view a detailed PDF about SRTS data collection.


Summer also offers the perfect opportunity to create a School Travel Plan. A School Travel Plan is a written document that identifies and outlines a school's intentions for creating safer and more sustainable travel to and from school. These documents are typically created with the guidance of community and school district stakeholders. These Travel Plans also offer assistance to local governments in their grant funding and bicycle improvement grant applications. Cross County Connection has created numerous School Travel Plans for many of its partners and can work with your school or municipality. Click here to see existing School Travel Plans. 


Take Advantage of the Summer to Plan for the Future

With the 2014-2015 school year at an end, now is the time to start planning for your Safe Routes to School program for the upcoming year. Getting involved with SRTS is simple. Contact Cross County Connection and we can get you set up with a preliminary meeting to get your school or school district ready for the fall. Although September may be months away, planning a timeline of activities now is essential to a successful school year.


Programs that begin at the start of the school year tend to experience the most success. September is a great time to allow Cross County Connection to introduce its Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Program to your students. Administrating these programs to students in September is a great way to familiarize them with safe habits before National Walk to School Month in October.


Scheduling a Walk to School Day in October is a great way to reinforce all the pedestrian skills students will learn via our educational program. By getting your school(s) involved in these programs within the first couple months of school, students are able to practice what they learn throughout the entire school year.


For more information, contact Sean Schweitzer, Safe Routes to School Coordinator at 856.596.8228*, or via email at


Additional Summer Planning

Looking to accomplish more this summer? Here are more ways to prepare for a great Safe Routes to School year.


Bring Together Your SRTS Team

Having an active SRTS Team is an enormous asset. A great SRTS team can help plan and implement activities, and help promote a collaborative partnership between the school(s) and community.


Create a SRTS Calendar

Create a SRTS Calendar that identifies important dates for your SRTS program in the upcoming academic year. Creating a calendar over the summer can help serve as a reminder of important events and deadlines and also allow you to inform others about future activities.


Create a Walking and Biking Map

Take advantage of the summer weather by getting outside to map walking and biking facilities around your school.


Identify Park and Walk/Bike Sites

Explore off-campus locations including parks, libraries or churches with enough space for adults and children to congregate and park to create a satellite drop-off location for students.


Reach Out to the Community

The community surrounding a school can provide great support for SRTS programs, reaching out can create more partners for your program.


Click here for a more detailed list.




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