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Communities can earn Sustainable Jersey and Sustainable Jersey Schools certification points by participating in SRTS!


For more information about obtaining Sustainable Jersey points for creating a SRTS program, contact Cross County Connection at

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elcome to Cross County Connection's south Jersey Safe Routes to School Newsletter! These newsletters contain articles, news items, and examples of Safe Routes to School work in South Jersey. We hope you enjoy!

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a federal, state and local effort to enable and encourage children in grades K-8, including those with disabilities, to walk and bicycle to school. SRTS facilitates the planning, development and implementation of projects that improve safety and air quality, as well as reduce traffic congestion and fuel consumption around schools. There are 2 goals of Safe Routes to School: 

1. Where it is safe to walk or bike to and from school, get students to do so

2. Where it is not safe to bicycle or walk, make it safe through the SRTS Infrastructure Grant Program

If your school district or community is interested in learning more about SRTS, contact Cross County Connection TMA at (856)596-8228

National Bike to School Day and

NJ Bike and Walk to School Month!

As the winter weather walks away, spring comes riding in! It’s time to gear up for National Bike to School Day and NJ Bike and Walk to School Month: May! Every year, schools across the country take part in events that educate and encourage safe bicycling practices. The national event is part of a movement to encourage year-round Safe Routes to School programs that promote bicycling as a healthy commute alternative for children and their families. From Bike to School day to Bicycle Rodeos, each event brings attention to safety needs, promotes physical activity, and helps build a sense of community.


To register your Bike to School Day event visit Registration is free and now open to all individuals and organizations planning a 2019 Bike/Walk to School Day event. Once registered, you are provided with access to a variety of downloadable materials including certificates, classroom activities and other potential giveaways. Be sure to mark your calendars, the official Bike to School Day is May 8th, 2019, which is right around the corner!


If your school or school district cannot participate on National Bike to School Day, fret not because New Jersey’s Bike to School Month is the entire month of May! Celebrate and encourage biking to school.  


Share your day and check out the Who Walked and Biked section for schools near you. Let’s roll!


Need assistance? Contact Latifah Sunkett, Cross County Connection’s safe Routes to School Coordinator at 856-596-8228, or by email at


The New Jersey Safe Routes to School Resource Center has recently released a guide on choosing a bike rack for your school. As an increasing numbers of students bike to school, it is important that schools provide parking facilities that satisfy their students' specific needs. The guide provides information to help schools make appropriate decisions when purchasing and installing bicycle racks. Information found in the guide includes how to lock a bike properly, the types of bicycle racks and the pros/cons to each rack.


Click here to view the complete School Bike Parking Guide.


Quote of The Month

“Home is everything you can walk to.” 

― Jerry Spinelli

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