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Welcome to Cross County Connection's Newsletter for Municipal and County Leaders! These newsletters provide information on  transportation-related activities, projects, funding opportunities, events and accomplishments in southern New Jersey. Feel free to share with your staff, residents and local businesses. We hope you enjoy!

Cross County Connection

Offers Free Half-Day Bicycle

and Pedestrian Safety Audits


Do your residents complain that it is not safe to cross the street? Have they said that it is too dangerous to walk or bike in areas where they wish they could? Cross County Connection offers bicycle and pedestrian safety audits, free of charge, for municipalities in Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Cumberland, Salem, Atlantic and Cape May counties.


Audits are a half-day exercise where Cross County Connection staff will meet with municipal staff, engineers, police officers, schools, concerned residents, and anyone else interested in pedestrian and bicycle safety. The exercise will begin with a short introductory meeting near the audit site. Then participants will walk the audit site with Cross County Connection staff to identify issues. After the walk, participants will reconvene and discuss what they saw and develop ideas to address the identified problems. Cross County Connection will then prepare a short report summarizing the audit findings and provide recommendations and next steps to address the identified issues. These reports can be helpful with preparing grant applications or planning future capital improvement projects.


Since these audits are intended to be fairly short, taking only a few hours, the scope of the audit area must be limited. At the smallest scale, the audit can cover an intersection or block. At a slightly larger scale, the audit could focus on a few blocks; whatever distance seems like a reasonable walk for participants. Audits will explore issues such as:

  •   Are there ADA compliant curb ramps?
  •   Are crosswalks visible to motorists and in a proper location for pedestrians to get where they want to go?
  •   Do pedestrians have enough time to cross the street? This includes senior citizens, persons with disabilities and children, who may move a bit slower.
  •   Is there room for bike lanes, or is the roadway appropriate for some other type of bike facility?

If your community wants to focus on a larger area, Cross County Connection can point you towards resources to conduct larger scale audits or a bicycle and pedestrian master plan.


If you are interested in conducting a bicycle and pedestrian safety audit, contact Patrick Farley, Cross County Connection’s Senior Land Use and Transportation Planner, at (856) 596-8228 or at


Application Deadline for NJDOT's Municipal Aid, Bikeways, Safe Streets to Transit and Transit Village Programs  is October 8th!


The deadline to submit a grant application for NJDOT’s Municipal Aid, Bikeways, Safe Streets to Transit and Transit Village programs is fast approaching.


Applications must be submitted by Monday, October 8th.


All of these programs offer an opportunity to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety and mobility. Did you know that Bikeways and Pedestrian Safety are two of the seven approved categories for Municipal Aid projects? NJDOT has set a goal to award 10% of the available $151 million in Municipal Aid funds to bikeways, pedestrian safety improvements and streetscapes.


All municipalities are eligible to receive Municipal Aid, Bikeways and Safe Streets to Transit grant funding. Only designated Transit Villages can apply for Transit Village funds. For more information visit NJDOT’s Local Aid website.


Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Transit

News from Around the Web


With the start of school adding countless students, parents and others to the morning rush hour on foot or on wheels, transportation officials reminded the public to obey the rules of the road and pointed to data demonstrating the effectiveness of simple signs in enhancing safety at intersections.


Biking is a Way of Life in Ocean City (Atlantic City Weekly, 9/11/18)

Whether you’re looking for a challenging workout, an alternative transportation mode for your family or just a reason to get outside, Ocean City has become a bike haven.


On October 16, it will be possible to walk from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris to the Place de la Nation, roughly two hours away, and barely encounter a moving car.


PATCO to offer FREEDOM SHARE for customers that use SEPTA (PATCO News & Information, 8/15/18)

Sales of SEPTA transfers end September 30. An alternate type of FREEDOM Card will be available for customers who wish to use it at SEPTA Key Card readers.


Cross County Connection's Mission: To improve the quality of life in southern New Jersey through transportation solutions.


About Us: Cross County Connection, a nonprofit organization, partners with the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA), the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), NJ TRANSIT, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC), the South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization (SJTPO), member organizations and the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, to provide solutions to complex transportation problems for counties, municipalities and employers in the southern New Jersey region encompassing Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem counties.

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