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Welcome to Cross County Connection's Newsletter for Municipal and County Leaders! These newsletters provide information on  transportation-related activities, projects, funding opportunities, events and accomplishments in southern New Jersey. Feel free to share with your staff, residents and local businesses. We hope you enjoy!

Economic Growth and Mobility

Cross County Connection and other stakeholders from Atlantic County recently participated in a study led by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia titled “Accessing Economic Opportunity: Public Transit, Job Access, and Equitable Economic Development in Three Medium-Sized Regions”.


Transportation can pose a barrier to employment for low-income residents unable to afford a car. The study examines access to transit, access to opportunity employment that pays a decent wage and does not require a four-year college degree, and the accessibility of large employment centers across three medium-sized regions; one of which is Atlantic County.


The research answers the following questions:


·In which industries is opportunity employment most prevalent, and what is the spatial distribution of opportunity employment?


·To what extent are public transit options located near where residents live and work?


·What percent of regional opportunity employment is accessible by transit within a reasonable commute time?


·How accessible are employment centers to their region’s labor force?


The study can be viewed in its entirety at the following link.

Addressing Transportation Needs

of the Business Community


Cross County Connection is assisting Logan Townships work with local employers to help identify transportation issues impacting employee recruitment and retention. The Mayor of Logan Township held a meeting on January 15th to discuss this and other transportation issues that impact the business community. Logan Township is home to several large employment centers, including the Pureland Industrial Complex and the Commodore I-295 Business Center.


Cross County Connection presented a variety of measures that could reduce barriers facing employees trying to get to work. This included assistance with carpools, vanpools, transit assistance, shuttle services, and employer commute alternative plans.


An important topic discussed was the impact public transit can have on the business community. Access to affordable and reliable transportation is one of the primary barriers facing low-to-moderate income workers. By enhancing these workers access to public transit, businesses can reduce employee turnover rates and save thousands of dollars per



At the conclusion of the presentation there was a robust discussion about transit service gaps and how they impact local businesses’ ability to hire and retain employees. A survey was distributed, allowing Cross County Connection to gather more detailed information that will be analyzed to guide future transit planning in the area.


This meeting and employer survey is just one of the many great examples of how Cross County Connection can help local governments bring together stakeholders to find viable solutions to transportation issues. Cross County Connection has a wealth of experience working with local businesses, governments and transit agencies. If you have questions on how transportation impacts your business community or would like Cross County Connection to provide assistance, please contact Jason Simmons, Transportation Specialist at 856-596-8228 or


Cross County Connection's Mission: To improve the quality of life in southern New Jersey through transportation solutions.


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